Ketamine treats depression in a unique way, says Johns Hopkins expert

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Ketamine has gotten a bad reputation as an opioid—when there’s plenty of evidence suggesting it isn’t one, say Johns Hopkins experts. They believe this misconception may prevent patients from getting necessary treatment for the kinds of depression that don’t respond to typical antidepressants.

How ketamine is treating depression

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If you struggle with depression, seeking help is an important first step. This article is not medical advice. You should work with health-care professionals to find the best treatment plan for your unique circumstances and neurochemistry.

VA approves psychedelic ketamine for PTSD treatment

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SARASOTA — This month’s decision by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to offer a psychedelic drug to treat post-traumatic stress disorder while marijuana remains off limits is leaving some stakeholders flummoxed amid the ongoing wave of veteran suicides.

Ketamine Against Depression

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Ketamine is a drug that has had a lot of bad rep to its name because of its abuse. This drug is commonly used as an anesthetic in humans and animals.