New Patient Intake

New Patient Intake at Mindful Infusions

If you are ready to book your session, you are welcome to book, and you will be contacted by our provider to complete your phone consult. They will give you the opportunity to have your questions answered before your first session with us.

Once you have completed the intake paperwork, your sessions can be scheduled through our secretary at 435-220-3733. Our provider will determine if you are a safe candidate for in-office ketamine and will complete a phone consult prior to beginning any treatment. We also offer complimentary phone consults with our intake staff and paid consults with our provider.

Completed intake paperwork allows us to do a more in-depth phone consult, and this can be completed within about 10 minutes at the links below:

Ketamine Intake

Ketamine intake form for medically supervised ketamine sessions.

KAP Intake

KAP intake form for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy.

Group Intake

Intake form for group therapy participants.