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Nykol Rice, CRNA - Owner / Founder

Nykol Bailey Rice is a board Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) with a graduate degree specializing in anesthesia from Westminster College in Salt Lake City. She is the owner and operator of Boise Ketamine Clinic and helps run a small chain of clinics in Utah under the Mindful Infusion brand. She has personally performed thousands of ketamine infusions and is passionate about providing a quality, collaborative ketamine course. She also practices anesthesia part time at St. Luke’s Children’s hospital.

Nykol obtained her undergraduate degree in Grand Junction, Colorado followed by an ICU internship with the University of Utah Critical Care Internship program in Salt Lake City for which she was later a fellow. She is also on the guest lecture circuit at Boise State University lecturing prospective future mental health care professionals on utilizing ketamine for mental health patients. Her main passion is educating other healthcare professionals on the benefits of ketamine and providing this life changing option to her community.

ketamine infusion provider

Bradley Young, CRNA, MS

Brad graduated from the University of Kansas 2008 with a Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia. He was the recipient of the George DeVane Clinical Excellence Award as the top student in his program. He currently contracts with rural hospitals providing the full scope of anesthesia services. He is also actively involved in providing pain management services to people with acute and chronic pain issues.

Prior to anesthesia school, Brad worked as a nurse for 7 years, caring for a variety of patients in and out of the hospital setting. He has seen the effects of chronic pain and depression in his patients, and is excited to add Ketamine as an option to help people find quality of life.

Brad enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors and loves riding the roads on his bike. He is the proud father of three amazing children, and the loving husband of a beautiful and talented wife.

ketamine infusion provider

Mitchell Bailey, CRNA

Mitch has over 27 years of experience in Anesthesia mostly serving the rural communities located in the 4 corners area.  He was retired from the Army Reserves when 9/11 occurred and he immediately volunteered and re-enlisted with the Army’s first Forward Surgical Team(FST) that was activated for Operation Freedom in 2003.

This unit accompanied the first Ground troops that were sent into Iraq.  Mitch received the Army Commendation Medal for that service. In addition, Mitch and another CRNA were nominated forthe Bronze Medal for their service during this time.

Mitch is excited to be providing this much needed service in the 4 Corners area.  In his spare time he enjoys backpacking, 4-wheeling, riding motorcycles and his side by side in exploring the beauty of this part of the country with his family. He enjoys serving others and this clinic is an extension of that service in an effort to help others.

Janelle Prescott, CRNA

Janelle Prescott, having worked in health care for 18 years, brings a wealth of experience. She graduated from Westminster College’s program of Nurse Anesthesiology in 2017.  Since that time, she has loved the anesthesia profession as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  Prior to her anesthesia career she enjoyed the nursing profession as a Registered Nurse specializing in Cardiovascular Critical Care.

Janelle enjoys spending time with family and friends.  She loves horseback riding, hiking, and the beauty of the great outdoors.  She has a long travel/adventure bucket list.  Janelle is a lover of people, cultures, and languages. She recognizes how diversity blesses all of us!

Janelle is very eager to share these life restoring services to the Salt Lake/Provo Valleys and Northern Utah!

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